Interfaith Lent: Getting Back to God

Photo credit: Jamiesrabbits
Photo credit: Jamiesrabbits

Christian-Hindu Interfaith Practices

Today, Fred and I will fast from grains; tonight, we’ll read from the Gospel of John. It is a day in our Christian-Hindu interfaith household where two spiritual practices intersect: Ekadasi and Lent.

Ekadasi is a Hindu practice based on the lunar calendar that occurs approximately every two weeks throughout the year. Lent is an early Christian Church tradition that occurs once per year from Ash Wednesday to Easter.

Both practices have the same goal: getting back to God.

Back to God

Ekadasi and Lent encourage Fred and me to be accountable to God, one another, and our religious communities. It is an opportunity for intention, mindfulness, and deepening our faith paths. When we live these practices in partnership, we are more successful at placing God back in the center.

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“Each year, whatever my feelings approaching Lent may be, the same answer comes whispering back: I do. Just maybe, I need Lent. Just maybe I need a time to focus, to get my mind off of my career, my social life, my next writing project — and a hundred other things to which I look for meaning — and center myself in Meaning.”

From “The Trouble (and Blessing) of Lent” by David Lose.


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