Jericho Road Family Practice: A Different Approach to Healthcare

Jericho Road Family Practice: A Different Approach to Healthcare
Dr. Myron Glick, founder of Jericho Road Family Practice in Buffalo, NY

My friend Jeremy Helton, independent producer with The Recollective, recently brought to my attention today’s launch of a documentary series following the founder and patients of Jericho Road Family Practice in Buffalo, NY.

On the cusp of the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Affordable Healthcare Act, the series launches with an interview of Dr. Myron Glick, founder of Jericho Road Family Practice. Dr. Glick established his “ideal clinic” after realizing his paradigm of care was different from what he experienced as a medical resident. Dr. Glick, who grew up in Belize and is the child of Mennonite missionaries, established Jericho Road as a place where he could live out his faith each day through a sensitive, compassionate medical practice. The clinic accepts patients with Medicaid, those who have no insurance, those who are refugees, and those who are pregnant.

“Being a person of faith is not so much about what happens on Sunday morning. It’s about what happens through my daily life. It just follows then that it should affect the way I practice medicine.”

No matter how you feel about health care reform and policy, hearing real-life stories related to the issue is always important. Take time today to listen to Dr. Glick’s vision and philosophy of healthcare:

You can also visit The Recollective blog to learn more about the project and listen to stories of Jericho Road patients.

Thanks, Jeremy, and the folks at The Recollective, for bringing life and awareness to the complexities of healthcare.

Readers: How does your faith affect your work? 

See below for a full press release on the organization and its work is posted below.




Hear Our Stories And Join The Conversation

He went to him and bandaged his wounds, pouring on oil and wine. Then he put the man on his own donkey, brought him to an inn and took care of him.  Luke 10:34Buffalo, NY June 18, 2012 – At Jericho Road Family Practice we believe that stories matter.  We are here today serving the community because of one powerful story, the Parable of the Good Samaritan, told by Jesus in Luke 10.  This is one story that inspires us to help those in need. We hoped that similar stories, happening across this country every day, might inspire others to live the lesson of the good samaritan.In the current debate on healthcare reform there are a lot of statistics and studies; a lot of back and forth about constitutionality and cost,  but we rarely hear  the voices of everyday Americans telling the stories of their struggle within our current healthcare system.  Health & Justice Project is an ongoing effort to hear those voices and by doing so inspire reform on the local and national level.

We partnered with The Recollective, a group of independent radio producers, to help us gather these stories from mothers and fathers, husbands and wives; small business owners and medical professionals, students and clergy.  We’ve produced a series that follows ten members of our local community and,  on the eve of the Supreme Court’s decision on the Affordable Care Act, we share these stories and commit to gathering more stories from around the country.  Upcoming stories include:

Eric and Jessica Czubaj face the challenges of providing health insurance for themselves and their children while running a family business. (6:13 min)
Healthcare professional Shirley Fohl does her best each day to help people navigate the often confusing process of finding affordable health insurance. (2:56 min)

Dr. Myron Glick, founder of Jericho Road Family Practice, shares his experiences as a family doctor and how they have shaped his convictions on healthcare.

(Part 1: 3:35 min, Part 2: 4:19 min, Part 3: 2:39 min)

 Dr. John Okrent, a recent graduate of the University of Buffalo, learns an important lesson about compassionate care while volunteering with Jericho Road Family Practice. (3:16 min)

After over twenty years of marriage, veteran Alan Petrosky and his wife Kim Petrosky are offered a chance to get the healthcare coverage they desperately need, but there’s one catch. (4:24 min)

Olive Porter, a patient from the early days of Jericho Road Family Practice, talks about her relationship with her doctor and the powerful impact it has had on her life. (4:13 min)

Raleigh Terrell a machine operator at US Sugar is joined by Dr. Myron Glick as he compares the cost of going to the doctor against the even greater cost of putting it off. (6:00 min)

Pastor Albert Wilson finds his faith is rewarded when his family and congregation bring him to Jericho Road Family Practice. (4:43 min)

The first episode of the Health & Justice Project interview series will be posted on June 18, 2012.  New episodes (all under 7 minutes) and actions will be posted each week  at

FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Health & Justice Project  via Chaela Herridge-Meyer at  or (360) 451-6591.

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