Interfaith Discoveries

On a recent Saturday night, I interviewed Fred for his biographical chapter of Saffron Cross. Sprawled out on our living room floor and tinkering with a solar yard light, we hashed out the details of his adolescence, his conversion to Hinduism, and his life as a monk.

He took the solar light apart and put it back together several times during our conversation. I typed.

I discovered more about his quasi-Christian upbringing (his family attended church about five times per year), his altar call moment as a middle schooler,  and his conversion in college to Hinduism. How did Hinduism find him in the Bible Belt? How did  he become a monk? How did he explain all this to his family? What did they say?

As the new details of Fred’s rich personal history unfolded, I understood his search for philosophy, meaning–and ultimately God– more clearly. It was a poignant interfaith moment; I was grateful for the purpose and space to capture it.

And, I look forward to sharing it with you!

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