Another Year, Another Lent

Lent has come and gone, and it was less quiet than I anticipated. While my intention of a writing discipline and reflection was sincere, the holy season seemed to fly by, lost in a whirlwind of activities and work.

Within that work, though, there were spaces of contemplation and awareness. While I wrestled with the Saffron Cross chapters and wrote lectures on writing as a spiritual practice for my UNC Community Classroom course, I had a realization: these two endeavors go together. If writing is my chosen spiritual practice, then Saffron Cross is the space in which that practice will unfold at this time.

And so it goes. The manuscript is coming along, and I’ve begun keeping a separate journal on the experience of writing it, which seems as equally important as the Saffron Cross message itself. Stay tuned…

How did your Lenten discipline unfold? Did you push through the busyness of this life to find space to walk with God? What did you discover?

Thank you for joining me on this journey, friend.




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