Writing and Still: Reflections on Lent

Writing and Still: Reflections on Lent
Lauren F. Winner's latest book, Still.

We are three weeks into Lent, and my manuscript writing discipline has gone better than I expected. Some days I cannot accomplish the 30 minute goal, but I do my best to make up it with longer writing sessions on the weekends.

Thus far, I’ve worked on the second chapter of the book, which is focused on my spiritual journey, and our Sabbath Keeping chapter.

The Sabbath Keeping writing is providing providential, as I’ve been in a Christian worship funk lately. I’m less apathetic about Hindu worship, mainly because  it’s new and exciting and I feed off of Fred’s energy as he happily practices.

In as much as Fred encourages me through my Sabbath funk, I’m not as excited about church as I once was.  For the first time nearly a decade, I do not have seminary, chaplaincy, or diaconate Sunday commitments. I am free to explore all shapes and sizes of Christian worshiping communities. And yet, I feel lost in the pews.

Is this a reaction to pastoral identity? A fear of not having a Sunday responsibility? Or, simply a season of self-reflection, just as Lent suggests?

A few weeks ago, Fred handed me a book and said, “Read this.” It was Lauren F. Winner’s latest, Still: Notes on a Mid-Faith Crisis. We purchased it at a recent fundraiser/book event and Lauren signed it for us. I had held it hostage, saving it for the best of occasions, because Lauren’s words are like Christmas. Her prose unfolds like gifts of wonderment on the human experience.

Because I had finished Sarah MacDonald’s Holy Cow the night before, I had no excuse to put off Christmas any longer. I wasn’t through the Still preface before the presents began. “This is my life! I’m Buddy Crawford!” Indeed, most of us who have embarked on any kind of faith journey one day become the Buddy Crawfords of the world.

Lent is the opportune time to explore such Crawfordisms and pray. And write.

Stay tuned for more updates on writing and Still.

Photo credit: http://www.amazon.com/Still-Mid-Faith-Crisis-Lauren-Winner/dp/0061768111

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