Lent: The 40 Day Wilderness of Discipline

Lent: The 40 Day Wilderness of Discipline
Cross-shaped window in Bet Medhane Alem in Lalibela (photo credit below)

Lent is upon us.

Some observers will give up chocolate, alcohol, sugar, meat, or Facebook. Others will add a practice, like morning or evening prayer, Scripture study, yoga, or mediation.

Either way, Lent is a time of reflection–a 40 day wilderness of discipline that helps us live the life God has called us to.

This Lenten season, I’m adding the spiritual discipline of writing. I’m committing myself to writing 30 minutes per day on my Saffron Cross manuscript. I’m engaging in the discipline of sitting with myself, reflecting, and wrestling my faith journey into words.

How will you observe Lent? Why did you choose your observance?

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