Grace Yourself

Grace Yourself
Sunrise at the beach, or what our friend Bhakti refers to as a "mercy shot." Merciful, indeed!

I’ve been dogging myself for neglecting this blog.

I tend to be a sporadic blogger when I’d rather be Ms. Consistency.

When I spoke with my writing accountability partner about this, she offered a gentle reply. She said I had had a rough year and that some of my blog block may very well be fatigue. I appreciated that grace—as I had been unable to grace myself.

It has been a fast-paced, high stress year. I left Duke in April to launch my freelance career, which has gone swimmingly well despite some trying weeks of finding myself and my writing routine while agonizing over earning bread and butter. In the midst of that search, Fred’s father died suddenly at age 53 of a cardiac arrest, propelling us into our individual and communal journeys of grief. We’re still muddling along in that department, particularly with the holidays approaching.

The late summer/early fall saw an increase in my nonprofit writing contracts. I began teaching undergraduate courses in English and Public Speaking in August, and submitted a book proposal on interfaith marriage in November.

So, for the next 16 days of 2011, I’m going to take a breather. I’m not sure what that will look like, but my first priority is to not harangue myself over my writing or other projects—and instead to enjoy them.

I hope you do the same. Grace yourself.

Photo Credit: Fred Eaker 

1 thought on “Grace Yourself”

  • Well said. Grace and mercy are gifts from God.
    You made a deserving choice
    for the next 16 days. Relax, savor and
    enjoy the time with friends and family.
    You are loved. Beautiful photograph.

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