Goodbye 2011

Goodbye 2011
Photo of an Indian truck with the words, "Horn, Please!" written on the back. This is indicative of India's traffic chaos.

With nearly a few hours left in 2011, I hope we all take some time to reflect on the past twelve months.

What changes did you make this year? What are you most proud of? What challenges did you encounter?

2011 was a benchmark for me. It was a year of adventure, risk-taking, growth, and learning the value of the process.

This year, I:

  • Traveled to India
  • Began writing a book
  • Left my Duke University job for freelance writing and teaching adventures
  • Worked with new nonprofit clients–providing grant writing, fundraising counsel, and board of directors’ assessment services
  • Taught four “Writing as a Spiritual Practice” workshops
  • Joined the adjunct faculty at the Art institute of Raleigh-Durham, where I teach English, Public Speaking, and Student Success
  • Submitted a book proposal on Christian-Hindu interfaith marriage
  • Grieved with our family for the loss of Fred’s father, Great One
  • Continued to grieve the loss of my own father, The King
  • Found my freelance schedule and rhythm
  • Committed myself to reading more
  • Committed myself to deepening my spiritual practices and Sabbath keeping rituals
  • Continued my vegetarian and TV-free life practices
  • Traveled to India, Chicago, officiated a wedding in Cancun, and visited Biltmore Estate
  • Published personal essays in Saathee magazine, The Pastoral Voice, and received a mention on the Huffington Post’s “Death & Dying” page for my blog post on chaplaincy and death
  • Began offering spiritual direction services

Before tonight’s fancy parties and tomorrow’s traditional dinners, take some time to jot down your accomplishments, challenges, and mistakes from 2011. Give thanks for the people in your life who encouraged you and helped you achieve your goals. Reflect on your mistakes and finding the learning opportunities in the process.

Lastly, may you welcome the chaos of your life in 2012 with as much enthusiasm as India welcomes the perpetual, colorful, flamboyant “Horn, Please!”

Happy New Year!

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