Thanks, Steve: An Apple II GS Story

Thanks, Steve: An Apple II GS Story

The Apple II GS

I am a writer because of Steve Jobs.

That sounds a bit extreme–hear me out–my statement comes from the purest of logic.

I attended Glenwood Elementary School in Chapel Hill, NC, in the late 1980s. At that time, Glenwood was a participant in Apple’s Classrooms of Tomorrow–Today (ACOT) program, “a research and development collaboration among public schools, universities, and research agencies that Apple initiated in 1985 and sustained through 1995.”

Through that program, my fellow elementary students and I had access to Apple computers equipped with software that taught us how to use a word processor (Bank Street Writer), draw (Kid Pix), practice our language arts (Reader Rabbit), and problem solve (Oregon Trail).

By third grade, I was so enamored with these machines and their abilities that my mother and brother Ron purchased an Apple II GS for me to use at home. It was a sacrifice for sure–my mother was struggling single-parent working nights in nursing at Duke and my brother was a Duke medical student trying to make ends meet.

It was an act of love that I will never forget.

Through the completion of elementary school and into middle school and high school–I typed incessantly on Bank Street Writer–crafting academic papers, personal essays, short stories, and freewriting. It was the beginning of my writing career.

I have been the fortunate recipient of a successful formula:

Steve Jobs founded Apple + Apple engaged public schools in new technology + my mother and brother’s foresight = future writer

Thanks, Steve, Mom, and Ron. I will never forget.

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Steve Jobs in 60 Seconds

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