Writer’s Blog Post Block

I have nearly one dozen draft blog posts in my writing queue. They range from the trivial to serious–everything from music to interfaith resources, to trichotillomania (I’ll explain that one later).  Note that by virtue of including the term trichotillomania in this post, I am holding myself accountable to actually finishing that piece.

I seem to be in the midst of a blog funk. Here some few theories on said funk.

1. Perfectionism: This is the evil enemy of all writers. Perfectionism is what keeps most writers from pursuing their big dreams as well as the baby steps along the way (blogging). We all fear public scrutiny, particularly when it comes to our writing. Unless it’s a “perfect” post (what does that mean, anyway?), I won’t publish it. As a result, it keeps me (and you!) from sharing important ideas that others may relate to and benefit from.

2. Creative Energy: When creative energy is low, writers often feel blogging is a further drain. If creative resources are limited, and there are articles and other projects looming, sometimes it’s all a writer can do to make herself focus on the pressing projects, let alone blog. In my case, this is the ever-looming, all encompassing (striving to be perfect again) interfaith marriage book proposal. I admire the many freelance writers who successfully utilize their blogs as a breeding ground for creativity that flows into larger projects. Go, writers!

3. Time: Time is always an issue in blogging. I may feel inspired by a conversation, situation, film, piece of music, or current event, and perhaps I’ll start a draft, but find it difficult to make the time to finish it. It may seem redundant, but the Anne Lamott Bird by Bird adage works well when time (and perfection) becomes an issue. Just take it “bird by bird.”

What are your theories on writer’s block when it comes to blogging or other projects? Do share!

As always, dear reader, thank you for your faithfulness and patience with me as a fledgling blogger. You are appreciated.

Editor’s Update (August 8, 2011): Enjoy this fantastic post on blogging from Rev. Elizabeth Evans Hagan, pastor and blogger extraordinaire.

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  • trichotillomania?!?!?! Do you have it??? I had a friend in college who did and when I pointed it out to him, he went home for the summer and read about it and determined he would stop the behavior immediately. I think it worked.

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