Pentecost Moments

Pentecost Moments

When’s the last time  you had a Pentecost moment?

Pentecost is a high holy day when Christians read and remember Acts 2, a story about the work of the Holy Spirit bringing together people who (seemingly) had the deepest divides.

The Chin people (refugees from Burma) are some of Binkley’s newest members. Yesterday, accompanied by an electric keyboard that held a steady beat, they offered the Pentecost anthem. Hands lifted, eyes closed, and tears streaming, they (and we) were visibly moved by the Spirit. The Chin people sang in their native tongue, a language that I (and most Binkleyites) do not know. But, by the conclusion of their musical offering, the English speakers in the congregation seemed to understand the message and it warmed our hearts. It was a modern day Pentecost moment–evidence of the Spirit at work in the world today.

What are your Pentecost moments?




1 thought on “Pentecost Moments”

  • Remembering the Pentecost Sunday in 1992 when
    you, Dana, were baptized by The Reverend Linda Jordan in the Binkley baptismal. The sanctuary
    was bathed in sunlight and the color red was a
    joy to behold. / Rev. Peter JB Carmen’s message
    this past Pentocost Sunday was timely, powerful and uplifting. Reinforcing and encouraging. Wonderful.
    Your Pentocost Moments is a joy to read. Touching.

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