Book Review on Lose, Love, Live

Book Review on Lose, Love, Live

Lose, Love, Live: The Spiritual Gifts of Loss and Change by Dr. Dan Moseley came to me at an opportune time. I began the book in the weeks leading up to the one year anniversary of my father’s death (June 16, 2010). Subsequently, my father-in-law suffered a cardiac arrest the day after the anniversary (June 17), and died on June 21.

Given these recent losses, Dr. Moseley’s perspective has been invaluable. As a former hospital chaplain specializing in palliative care, I am familiar with helping others in their grief journeys, but not necessarily myself. Dr. Moseley’s personal reflections offered me a much-needed dose of grace and courage for my path.

Lose, Love, Live is about “discovering new life through the losses of life.” From “Naming the Loss” to “Becoming New,” Dr. Moseley accompanies the reader on a road toward embracing the self-understanding that can occur after any loss.  He explains the multilayered nature of loss, and how it can help us discover what changes are needed in order to become our best selves. In his words, “we lose our way to new life.”

Dr. Moseley’s chapters on loss are complemented by the Discovery Journal at the end of his book. Even if you don’t keep a journal or consider yourself a writer, his prompts will help you navigate your way.

Whether you are experiencing your first loss or are a seasoned veteran of loss, Dr. Moseley’s book meets you where you are and offers important insights on this life passage.

A complimentary copy of Lose, Love, Live was provided to me by Upper Room Reviews. You can purchase Lose, Love, Live here.


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  • Beautiful review, Dana. Losses seem to come
    to folks in bunches, don’t they? You remind us
    to grieve and go THROUGH the them, not around
    them. God bless you and your husband in your loss.
    Grace and peace to you.

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