Go Green, Save Green

Since becoming a full-time freelance writer, Fred and I have strived to find more ways to live simply.

Here are few idea–and please share yours, too:

  1. Plant a container garden. The veggies (tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, and cucumbers) and herbs have quickly become our babies. Each morning we rush to the porch to see how our children are doing. We’re only growing what we can eat, and we intend on sharing, too. Short on cash to buy plants? Visit Grow and Share, a nonprofit organization that gives away plants when you pledge to share your harvest.
  2. Freecycle. Have something you don’t need/want? Offer it up! Need something? Ask! It’s all free. The goal is keep things out of the landfill. Love it.
  3. Buy one of something (and walk to the store!). I don’t need 116 rolls of paper towels. Just one will do for now. And, if I walk to the grocery store, I can only carry two arm-fulls home. Not having a bomb shelter’s worth of household supplies helps me appreciate each and every sheet of paper towel (and use the hand towels more frequently).
  4. C an’t walk or bike to work? Conserve when you can, and check out Gas Buddy for the lowest prices in your neighborhood.
  5. Reuse water for your container garden. On our most recent visit to Lake Johnson, Fred and I were heartbroken to see the ducks frolicking in the sand (where there used to be water!). We made a new commitment to not wasting water. Any leftover water (like from the cup by the night stand or pasta water) goes to our babies (aka, the plants).

What’s your favorite go green, save green tip?

“Live simply, so that others may simply live.” –Mother Theresa

2 thoughts on “Go Green, Save Green”

  • These are all good. For awhile, we used to plug the tub and save our shower water to water plants, also to flush the toilet. We used nearly half the water each month! Another thing is to just leave the light off until dark. Hanging clothes to dry as often as you can. buy groceries in bulk and bring your own containers, really cuts down on trash. These are a few things we do. <3

    • Thanks for sharing the tips–these rock! Fred and I are always talking about how you and your family are an inspiration to us (and to many!).

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