Beautiful Interfaith Marriage Moment #301

After lunch today I unloaded the dishwasher that I love and loathe. While putting one of our blue cereal bowls on the edge of the kitchen counter, I bent over to grab more dishes (multi-tasking at its worst).

Gravity edged the bowl off the counter and into the floor, smashing it into vibrant blue mosaic chips. I bawled.

This cereal bowl (one of four) was given to us last July for our wedding by very special friends. We’ve eaten oatmeal out it each day for 10 months. Staring at the blue mess of porcelain on the linoleum, I cried and cried. I was in the grasp of my own self-pity when the phone rang. It was Fred. Divine timing.

Between sobs, I told him about the bowl, still colorfully displayed on the floor with me sitting the midst of it. He lovingly giggled and cooed. Fred, being the devout eastern practitioner that he is, reminded me that the bowls were material and our love for one another is what really matters.

Fred and I on our wedding day, 301 days ago.

And that was that. I didn’t cry anymore. I picked up the bright fragments and placed them in a paper bag for a later art project.  “Time takes away all things,” Fred’s guru teaches. He’s right.

We had four cereal bowls. We now have 3. That’s an auspicious number.

Editor’s Note: In case you’re wondering, it’s moment #301, because that’s how many days we’ve been married. Each day has brought at least one beautiful interfaith marriage moment.

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