“Navigating an Interfaith Marriage” (The Herald-Sun)

“Navigating an Interfaith Marriage” (The Herald-Sun)
Fred and Dana on their honeymoon in India

“DURHAM — J. Dana Trent and Fred Eaker both grew up in North Carolina. Both went to college here, where they explored and deepened their religious faith. Both came to very different conclusions. Trent is an ordained Baptist minister. Eaker is Hindu and spent five years as a monk. But the couple’s spiritual paths met and merged, and the newlyweds are clearing their own trail of love and faith, together.”

Read more from Dawn Baumgartner Vaughan’s piece at The Herald-Sun – Navigating an interfaith marriage (published March 10, 2011).

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2 thoughts on ““Navigating an Interfaith Marriage” (The Herald-Sun)”

  • Hi Dana,
    Enjoyed your article today. I am the pastor pictured in today’s Herald Sun performing the imposition of ashes. I think it’s fabulous that we’re both Salem College graduates!
    I’m always proud to see Salem alums doing interesting things. Best!

    • Marilyn:
      Thanks so much for reading and for your comment. What a great Salem connection! I hope we can meet in person soon–I’d love to hear more about your ministry.

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