Cameron Crazies

Cameron Crazies
The Cameron Crazies. Like mother, like daughter.

Though this photo was snapped on opposite sides of the world (one in India and the other in North Carolina), the Trent Gals still managed to offer identical goofiness to the camera. Amazing. Or creepy?

No matter. I’m confident that these priceless expressions will emerge once more as my mother and I sit side-by-side in Cameron Indoor Stadium tonight for the Duke Men’s Basketball game against Clemson.

At 72, my mother has never attended a Duke men’s basketball game, let alone one in Cameron. She has two Dukie children (one doctor, one minster) who have collectively spent 11 years studying at the world-famous institution. She’s a Dukie, too, having worked as a psychiatric nurse for the medical center in the late 1980s/early 1990s. But, Duke has been in her bones since her youth. One of her fondest high school memories was attending a Duke dance (as high school sophomore) when her then-boyfriend who was a Duke freshman. Go Mom!

So, tonight my mother can check being a Cameron Crazie off of her bucket list. Thank you, Universe.

Fair warning to ESPN: the Trent Gals are in the House, and you can tell by our photo that things are gonna get wild (or at least a little goofy).

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