Exploring an Interfaith Marriage

When Fred and I first became engaged (theological geeks that we are), we ran to the nearest commercial bookstore to purchase a how-to manual for navigating the joys and challenges of being an interfaith couple.

The shelves were lined with survival guides for Jewish-Christian marriages, Muslim-Christian marriages,  and even Catholic-Protestant marriages. Frustrated at finding no resources for the Hindu-Christian couple, we vowed to write our own how-to, hoping to inspire others and demystify the East-meets-West romance.

Our Indian honeymoon solidified my desire to write this book. As a Duke Divinity School educated, ordained (Southern) Baptist minister, I was vivified with theological reflections when I arrived in Vrindavan and was, for the first time in my life, a religious minority. Observing my husband’s religious tradition in its own context deepened my commitment to understanding and nurturing my interfaith marriage.

Have you ever participated in an interfaith relationship? Did you seek resources to help you sustain your relationship? If so, what did you find most helpful?

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