Keeping Your Sanity in 2011

Keeping Your Sanity in 2011

In my last post, I wrote about the The Three Ways India Informs Our American Lives.

In keeping with that theme, I’m on constant lookout for articles that remind me of how to simplify, manage my time, and strengthen my faith.

Here’s a gem from the Harvard Business Review that Fred sent me yesterday.

From “How to Stop Being a Victim of Your Own Life”

“We all wrestle with these issues every day and there are no easy answers. In my case, I decided years ago that five things were most important in my life: my family, my faith, my work, my community, and my own personal well-being. Taking care of all five simultaneously was important to me. But to do that, I had to develop a practical approach that would work in my everyday life.”

What are some habits you’ve developed that have enhanced your life?

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