How does one prepare for a spiritual pilgrimage to India?

I’m supposed to be writing about India—and all I can think of is how I don’t know what to write and therefore I couldn’t possibly write one blog post, let alone an entire book about my journey to India. I feel stuck.
How does one prepare for the supposed life-changing experience that is India? Better yet, how does one put it to words? And how does an ordained Southern Baptist minister find herself married to a Hindu from rural North Carolina and traveling the 7,732 miles to a strange world for her honeymoon?
If you’re me, you start with a list (or two of them):
  • The dreaded plane ride (Ugh)
  • Getting sick (Dehli Belly and the like)
  • The smells (I’ve been warned)

  • Quiet time for prayer, meditation, and writing
  • Bright colors
  • Children, monkeys, and cows
  • Deities and a religious world I’ve hardly experienced

 So, here I am, nearly one month away from seeing life so differently and praying for the grace to write about it.

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