Comment Trouver Sa Voie?

Sometime before dawn, I had a nightmare about this blog.

It was my recurring nightmare in which I am forced to return to whatever stage of education I previously endured in order to complete a course (and life lesson?) I did not finish. This morning I traveled to my advanced French conversation class at Reidsville High School taught by Ms. Patterson, a lovely British exchange teacher who visited our school circa 1998.

My return to Ms. Patterson’s classroom was likely related to the ridiculous hour of stress I put my dear husband through as I checked (and double checked) the verb conjugation and syntax for this blog title. I’m embarrassed that three seemingly small French words set off my anxiety-ridden perfectionist habits.

So it’s fitting that Trouver Ma Voie is about navigating my own (sometimes anxious) way in a culture where many of us strive for perfection.

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