To have and to hold …

The sun setting on Belews Lake made for a stunning September wedding day. A gentle breeze complimented the scene as family and friends gathered at “the Point,” a wide strip of land forming a perfect apex at the water’s edge, where the bride and her father docked and processed together.

The heat of the evening in my heavy black clergy robe seemed completely tolerable in the presence of this powerful occasion. Vows were exchanged and promises made, and in the warm shadows of a setting sun, we (God, community, bride and groom) ushered in their new life together.

Life can’t get much better than this …

Photo: Sunset at Belews Lake
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© 2008 J. Dana Trent

3 thoughts on “To have and to hold …”

  • This post was an inspiration to me. It reminded me that we are all connected to one another and God's creation. What an honor it is for you to be able to connect people in this way.

  • Thank you for writing such an inspirational note about the wedding between my son and his beautiful bride. The wedding was perfect, thank you for sharing in their joyous celebration and performing such a lovely ceremony on "the point" at Belew's Lake.

    Susan, Mother of the Groom

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