Diamonds sparkle
Reflecting the light of freshly polished fingernails
Always elegant, always shimmering
Face made, lipstick applied

Eyes richly brown with liner and shadow
Dressed flawlessly with accessories to match
Silly scarves and fun hats
Southern and graceful

You taught me how to be a lady
To wear colors and speak my mind
To embrace the seasons – and decorate accordingly
Remembering that anticipation is everything

Candy spaghetti and belly laughs
Endless stories and Andrews Sisters
Teaching us the blessings of our generation
While reminding us to value yours

Now resting at Bono
Where you can see the sun rise and set
Seasons pass, time moves on
And we remember that anticipation is everything

In memory of Dorothy B. Lewman
(March 6, 1922 – September 28, 2004)

Photo: The Andrews Sisters

© 2008 J. Dana Trent

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