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Speaking Topics

I lead workshops and lecture on a variety of topics; here are the most requested ones:

  • Sabbath:
    • Scriptural Basis, Judeo-Christian History, Culture, Economics, and the Spiritual Practice of Rest, Worship, and Community
  • Establishing a Meditation/Contemplative Prayer Practice
  • Establishing Sabbath Practices for Individuals and Communities
  • Writing as a Spiritual Practice
  • Interfaith Marriage and Partnerships
  • Interfaith Dialogue on College and University Campuses
  • Crafting Spiritual Memoirs


My Schedule

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How to Book Me

To schedule a speaking engagement, email me the following:

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Topic Example from The Apprentice Gathering, September 28-30th, 2017, Wichita, Kansas:

J. DANA TRENT | For Sabbath’s Sake: A Spiritual Practice of Finding Beauty in Rest, Worship, and Community (4 p.m. Only)

In the age of 24/7, we feel frenzied and rushed. We don’t spend time on the restorative practice of being present. Secretly, we fear stepping out of the ordinary and into the sacred, because it means facing the bigger questions of meaning-making. This is not what God intended for us. Sabbath is embracing the beauty that will save us: time for joy, wonder, play, rest, worship, and gathered community. This workshop will explore how to use the ancient practice of sabbath to heal modern woes. What does it mean to step out of chaos in order to find beauty? How will sabbath save us and the world?

For Sabbath’s Sake, my second Upper Room Book, available October 2017.

I am available to speak, teach, or preach for your community.  I’ve lectured at many college and universities, as well as taught workshops at faith and denominational conferences, worshiping communities, book clubs, and on community panels.

Speaking and Teaching Testimonials:

Dana Trent and Fred Eaker offered thoughtful wisdom, insight, and humor to our University community. Well-crafted and easily accessible, their story is one that deserves to be heard far and wide, a model of grace and love so lacking in our world today, and a vision of relational life college students can learn from and apply to their own lives.  Invite them to speak!  You will not be disappointed.

 –The Rev. Dr. Craig T. Kocher, University Chaplain and Jessie Ball duPont Chair of the Chaplaincy, University of Richmond

The Millsaps community was privileged to host an event weekend with Dana Trent and Fred Eaker centered on Dana’s recent book, Saffron Cross.  Through an engaging lecture, a directed conversation with our multi-faith student group, a writing-as-spiritual-practice workshop, and a community panel discussion at the local Hindu temple Dana’s and Fred’s presence and guidance helped us begin important conversations about the life of faith and the end of interfaith friendship.  Our students and community members learned how thoughtful, respectful engagement with persons of different faiths transforms one’s own experience of who God is and how God is at work in the world.  For readers here in Jackson, experiencing Dana’s warm, out-going personality and Fred’s thoughtful, reserved demeanor brought Saffron Cross alive in a whole new way, and made us a part of their project to learn and live in a multi-faith world.

–The Rev. Christopher Donald, Chaplain and Director of Religious Life, Millsaps College 

The Salem College community tremendously enjoyed Dana’s visit! She and Fred met with our Interfaith Council over dinner, where students were able to interact in a small setting. The discussion focused on both larger and smaller ways people of varying faiths might be in community together. Several specific ideas for campus arose out of this time. We later had a book reading, with a significant number of students and members of the community attending. In this larger setting, Dana’s engaging personality and rapport with a wide variety of people continued to shine. Numerous comments have been made that Dana is one of the best speakers we have hosted in recent years. She certainly is on the cutting edge in regards to a vital topic to our society – how to engage in a meaningful way with people of different faith traditions. Dana does this in a way that is thought provoking, dynamic, entertaining, and personal. We look forward to her having her at Salem again!

–The Rev. Dr. Amy Rio-Anderson, Chaplain, Salem Academy & College

Dana’s program on Saffron Cross for our Reidsville Book Club was certainly special. All of us, including many of her former teachers, appreciated her sharing her unique faith journey with us. She willingly answered all of our questions, and we look forward to reading her next book. She is a wonderful speaker!

–Marguerite Holt, Retired History Teaching and Member of the Reidsville Book Club 

Culpeper United Methodist Church in Culpeper, Virginia was thrilled that Dana and Fred could come and share their story with our confirmands during a very special multicultural service. Fred and Dana were the keynote speakers of this service which included our Bishop from the Virginia Annual Conference UMC, our neighbors from the choir of Antoich Baptist Church, and those who joined us from the church and the community. Fred and Dana share a powerful witness about how effective evangelism can be embodied. From her Baptist perspective, Dana talked about her struggle of wanting to convert Fred to Christianity. Fred spoke about ineffective Christian evangelism that he experienced during his life where there was more condemnation than grace offered. What is beautiful about this couple is that they have found profound inspiration from one another in the way that they each practice their faith. Dana is awed by Fred’s devotion and commitment to his practice of Hinduism and Fred sees Christ through the way Dana offers him her love and grace. Although this is not a common story to hear in the context of a Christian worship service and may seem controversial to some, this story helps all who hear it open their minds and their hearts to the various ways that God moves in all of our lives and how God calls us to be in relationship with all people. — The Rev. Jessie Squires Colwell, Associate Pastor, Culpeper United Methodist Church, Culpeper, Virginia


The Bhakti Yoga Club at Virginia Commonwealth University was happy and honored to host Dana and Fred for a special lecture in October. This event was open to all students and staff at VCU, as well as the surrounding community, and included members of local churches. Dana and Fred began by getting to know their audience. They were both so welcoming, friendly, and open that everyone seemed to immediately feel comfortable in their presence. They very skillfully tailored their talk in a way that related most to those attending that day. I had previously read Dana’s book, Saffron Cross, so I was already familiar with the delightful and unique story of their relationship. However, hearing them tell it in person really brought it to life for me, and made it even more meaningful and memorable. Dana and Fred each shared some of their personal stories of faith, as well as how they have grown spiritually since meeting and marrying. The exposure and insight they provided into different ways of experiencing and living one’s faith, as well as how they worship together, was particularly thought-provoking and encouraging. Overall, their positivity, flexibility, and sincerity were admirable and very much appreciated. I believe that anyone and any group would greatly benefit from the opportunity to meet and learn from this wonderfully talented and devoted couple.